Onsite hypochlorite generation systems (NaOCl Generators) / electrochlorinator is result of more than 30 years of experience in design & manufacturing electrolyzer and electrochemical systems for various electrochemical applications.


It is a simple and proven technology to convert natural brine (sea water), by means of electrolysis into 1st grade sodium hypochlorite (ELECTRO HYPO) using RT CHLOR®-S SERIES hypochlorite generators ( electro chlorinator system). An instant process to produce disinfectant on-site, at the Point of Application. No chemicals other than natural brine(seawater) are used throughout the process. Seawater (natural brine) is fed through the electrolyser cell (chlorine generator cell). When a low voltage DC current is applied, electrolysis occurs and sodium hypo chlorite (NaOCl) is generated instantaneously.
  • Improved Heat-exchanger (Boiler) Efficiency
  • Instant Operation (Sodium Hypochlorite / Mixed Oxidants Generation)
  • No Hazardous chemicals evolved / required
  • Easy Handling, Operation, Installation & Service
  • Eliminates Hazardous Meterial Storage
  • Saves Recurring Maintenance Cost
  • Avoids Break Downs and Down Time
  • Custom designed Systems to fit in the available space
  • Corrosion Proof & Self cleaning Electrolyzers Design
  • Anodes used in electrolyzer cells are dimensionaly stable ATMA® anodes with Precious Metal Oxide Coating
  • Power Generating Industry Water Treatment
  • Offshore Process Platforms Water treatment
  • LNG Terminals Process water Treatment
  • Desalination Plant facilities Water treatment
  • Prevents biofouling in industrial sea water intake system
  • Controls and Prevents bio fouling in steam condensers
  • Prevents organic fouling of tubular equipment in coastal industries
  • Prevents micro or macro fouling in the cooling water intake systems
  • Marine growth prevention of heat exchangers (coolers)
  • Coastal industries utilizing seawater as cooling / process water for thier process
ON SITE ELECTROCHLORINATION (BRINE CHLORINATION) It is a simple and proven technology to convert ordinary salt (common salt), by means of electrolysis into 1st grade sodium hypochlorite (ELECTRO HYPO) using RT CHLOR® SERIES hypochlorite generators ( electro chlorinator system). It is always applied on-site, at the point of application. No chemicals other than ordinary salt are used throughout the process.

A diluted brine solution is fed through an electrolyser cell ( chlorinator ). When a low voltage DC current is applied, electrolysis occurs and sodium hypo chlorite (NaOCl) is generated instantaneously. ELECTRO HYPO is generated between 0.2% and 0.8% depending on the application. Below 1%, hypo is classified as a non-hazardous chemical although still a very effective disinfectant. The only by-product, hydrogen, is safely vented into the atmosphere.

MODELS Equivalent Chlorine Output Soft water for Brine Preparation 1ppm 2ppm 3ppm 4ppm 5ppm AC amps @415V, 3Ph, 50Hz Main Feeder Capacity
Kg/day Liters/hr M3/day Volume of water that can be disinfected Million Liters Per Day (MLD) Amps Amps
RTCHLOR-BCT-10K 240.0 1250.0 30.0 240 120 80 60 48 111 130.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-12K 288.0 1500.0 36.0 288 144 96 72 58 121 139.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-15K 360.0 1875.0 52.0 360 180 120 90 72 167 189.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-18K 432.0 2250.0 65.0 432 216 144 108 86 181 207.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-20K 480.0 2500.0 70.0 480 240 160 120 96 223 248.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-30K 720.0 3750.0 100.0 120 360 240 180 144 348 360.0
RTCHLOR-BCT-36K 864.0 4500.0 125.0 864 432 288 216 173 348 360.0

Commercial salt water pool chlorinator

Chlorine swimming pools have a tendency to irritate skin and eyes by spending a period of time in a chlorine swimming pool. Body itching and eyes will be bloodshot by using chlorine in swimming pools. With a salt water swimming pool there are no so said problems and are free from itching or burning eyes after spending long time in salt water swimming pool.

This makes the salt water swimming pool the choice of most homeowners in the market today.

Greater water quality of salt water swimming pools makes them the best adoptable pool among the fastest growing segment of the swimming pool industry, making one and his family enjoy the swim with luxurious water and smooth silky feeling.

The salt water pool chlorinated using (chlorine as NaOCl) Salt Water Chlorinators (salt water generators) using electrolysis process has the great advantages compared to chlorine pools. With Salt water chlorination, there is no chlorine smell, no green hair or red eyes

Process, cooling water treatment system

Water is considered as a raw material in industrial processes. When water is a raw material, it has to strictly meet the requirements due to the concerned process in terms of purity, salinity, microbiological presence, pathogens, solids, turbidity, undesirable salts. WATER provides a good environment for harmful microbes to grow and causes biological fouling and corrosion in water and reduces the efficiency of the condensers used for cooling or process in refining of oil/gas products, specialty chemicals (petrochemical refineries), power plant and other process industries.

Shock dosing of sodium hypo-chlorite at set intervals makes the firewater pump caissons / firewater main loop clean and free from macro-fouling (algae free).

Marine growth prevention system

Biofouling in seawater lines are a perennial problem caused due to the barnacles, mussels and other forms of marine life in the seawater. For marine & offshore world such as Offshore PLATFORMS, FPSO, FSOs, NAVAL VESSELS, CRUISE SHIPS, CARGO SHIPS, OIL RIGS etc, seawater is the only source for cooling and fire water.

In such sensitive applications biofouling or the marine growth in the seawater line is a huge concern as it restricts cooling water flow in piping systems thus affecting the heat-transfer in the heatexchangers and condensers (clogging).

TiTaN®'s RT Marine™ Series of Marine Growth prevention Systems (MGPS) when fitted, generates various oxidants and radicals by seawater electrolysis including sodium hypochlorite onsite which inturn can be used to disinfect water, preventing marine growth.

RT Marine™ MARINE GROWTH PREVENTION SYSTEM (MGPS) incorporates state of art bipolar Cloromarine® disc electrolyzer or Hypopac® concentric tubular bipolar electrolyzer for generating free radicals. electrolyzer design incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling due to its ingenious design. These self cleaning design ensures near maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning, ensuring the marine growth prevention system to perform consistently for years together.

Marine growth prevention system Types

  • Offshore Skids
  • Marine Compact skids
  • Onshore Plant


  • Complete Protection against bio fouling
  • Consistent Disinfection disinfectant
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Instant Operation ( MGPS) System
  • Self Cleaning Electrolyzer design
  • Compact Modular Construction
  • Eliminates Hazardous material storage
  • Corrosion Proof design


  • Oil Rigs & Platforms marine fouling control
  • Offshore Process Platforms fouling control
  • FPSO preventing marine growths
  • FSO marine growth prevention
  • Navy Vessels MGPS (prevent fouling)
  • Cruise Ships prevention of biofouling
  • Passenger Ferries foulant control
  • Barges and Other Marine vessels

Ship ballast water treatment system

BIO INVASION AND AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES: Ships often take up ballast water in ports and coastal regions, where the ecosystems have a rich diversity of life. These biologically diverse waters, and their underlying sediments,including many forms of viruses, bacteria, plankton, algae, crustaceans, plants and animals, are sucked into vessels’ ballast tanks. Ballast water released during various stages of the ship’s journey, including at sea, along coastlines, and in various ports, results a diverse mix of organisms transported and released around the world.In addition, ballast water can carry organisms that endanger public health, including toxic dinoflagellates and cholera bacteria, having ecological effects.

In order to stop an invasion, organisms must not be discharged from ballast tanks. This action can be achieved by not taking organisms into ballast tanks, killing organisms during the voyage, or not discharging organisms when ballast water is released.

Product Range

S.No Model BW to be treated (m3/h) Vessel Category
1 RT - Safe Ballast - 1.0 100 Low Ballast Dependent Vessels
2 RT - Safe Ballast - 2.0 200
3 RT - Safe Ballast - 3.0 300
4 RT - Safe Ballast - 4.0 400
5 RT - Safe Ballast - 5.0 500
6 RT - Safe Ballast - 6.0 600
7 RT - Safe Ballast - 8.0 800
8 RT - Safe Ballast - 12 1200
9 RT - Safe Ballast - 16 1600
10 RT - Safe Ballast - 25 2500 High Ballast Dependent
11 RT - Safe Ballast - 30 3000
12 RT - Safe Ballast - 35 3500
13 RT - Safe Ballast - 50 5000
14 RT - Safe Ballast - 60 6000


KLOROGEN®-BW, a multi-functional (ballasting & deballasting), bio-friendly electrochemical cell generates sodium hypochlorite with mixed radicals - a safe,reliable and secure solution for NEUTRALIZATION OF VARIOUS MARINE SPECIES in ballast tank.

TiTaN® standard ballast water treatment cell (electrolyser) combines the physical separation with mixed oxidants generation system as either modular, skid assembled or containerized which integrates the ballast water treatment system. TiTaN®s' KLOROGEN®-BW design ensures adequate provisions for either retrofit or for new builds and can be designed to suit the specified drawing of ballast water systems.