Composite Pipes Australia is a registered WA Company which are specialized in distribution of Fiber Glass and Exotic Metals products from well-known manufacturers across the globe to meet the requirements of Oil & gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Chlor-Alkali, Pulp & Paper, Water treatment and Desalination inds.

Composite Pipes Australia is the authorised distributor of CPI Oman Products in AU/NZ & PNG Markets. CPI Oman have supplied more than 2500Kms of Cross Country Pipelines and more than 200,000 Fittings globally.

CPI piping systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with the international codes and standards such as ISO 14692, PDO SP 2092, DEP, AWWA M45 & C950, API 15LR & 15HR and testing standards comply with ASTM D4024, D3567, D2992, D1598, D1599.

Pipes are manufactured by filament winding of continuous fiberglass roving impregnated and saturated with resin on the outside of a rotating mandrel in a dual helix predetermined pattern and under controlled tension.

Capacity and Range of Supply for Fiber Glass
  • Product range are available from 25-4000mm diameters for all GRE /GRP /GRVe pipes and fittings.
  • Both Continuous and Helical Filament Winding are available to produce the above range sizes
  • Separate spooling unit provides a wide range of spools made in-house based on the client’s requirement. The spool range varies from 25-4000 mm.
  • Production unit consists of six separate lines of CNC controlled winding machines of which two are specially made with double pipe winding system and the process is carried out by employees who are skilled and trained in GRE winding of pipe and fittings.
  • The overall manpower capacity in the production unit is 250 plus.
  • Fitting production unit consists of two separate semi-automatic winding machine and curing oven, with trained fitting winders.


To become a leader in the fiberglass pipe industry and continuously drive conversion to fiberglass pipe systems in Australia.


CPI aims to achieve
  • supply qualitative products
  • Nil customer complaints
  • meet customer satisfaction
Composite Pipes Industry, since it was established in 1997, has developed to become among the leading companies in the oil and gas sector participating in the economic development in the Sultanate, being responsible to channelize the flow of oil and gas distribution network in Oman through its indigenously manufactured fibreglass pipes.

Composite Pipes industry is proud to achieve a very high market share in the Sultanate through its high quality products and 24x7 service rendering team. It has its clientele in Oil and Gas Production, power and desalination plants, heavy and light industries and petrochemicals in addition to exporting to GCC, Africa and South East Asia.

CPA Australia follows CPI Chairman & Director's visionary message - Sheikh Saif al Maskery and Sheikh Said al Maskery